Thanks for taking some time to visit Dieg’UX portfolio.

Here you will be able to find my latest and favorite works.


I consider myself a very talented UX designer for digital media. When I turn on my computer I’m really meticulous and organized, always try to get solid, clean and well structured designs. Throughout my career I have designed projects in all media: from business cards, trade shows exhibitions, designs for print media, web site responsive, video, animation… to “Mobile Apps”.

Mobile Marketing

The “Mobile Marketing” is what I can best do. I am not just a UX Designer like any other … I know and work with the Android OS and IOS, what enables me to make the work of the developer’s team much easier.

In recent years I have become a designer specialized in tactile media (smart phones and tablets) and I can describe myself as fast, efficient and meticulous; with extensive experience in creating innovative mobile interfaces.


I am used and I like taking care of every detail in building applications, especially to make them attractive and easily to export from the design to the digital platform. I have an eye for detail and an innovative vision of design. To know the digital platforms helps me to identify usability and programming problems, before they become a trouble to final users or to a developer’s team.